At a time when we all need help, we have prepared a survival kit that will give your business a new dimension of support - one that is resistant to Covid-19, earthquakes, remote work and all the challenges that lie ahead.

HR Crisis Support

You have a problem now and you need an answer right away? We know, that's why we're here.


Too little work and too many employees - one of the darkest scenarios for every company. What if there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even in such a situation?

Career FFWD

You are not satisfied with your job, but not sure if now is the right time for a change? You have been fired due to the current situation related to Covid-19 and do not know where to start? Looking to improve your performance in interviews? You like IT but don't know how to get into this area? Or you want to change your career path in IT?

Total Feedback

How do you know that you or each of your team members or employees are doing a good job? Someone simply tells you? You see the measurable results? What if you and each of your colleagues could get comprehensive feedback on your performance and competencies given by each of your superiors, peers, and subordinates?


Feeling like encouraging some positivity in your team?

Remote team building

Do you have a team that seems to have forgotten what it's like to work as a team? Do you feel that this particular team works like a Swiss watch when you're all together, but with the work from home, the clock started to skip beats?

Assessment tools

Want to find out who has the potential to destroy your team and impact negatively on the organizational performance?

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