Career FFWD

You are not satisfied with your job, but not sure if now is the right time for a change?
You have been fired due to the current situation related to Covid-19 and do not know where to start?
Looking to improve your performance in interviews?
You like IT but don't know how to get into this area?
Or you want to change your career path in IT?

If you are concerned about any of these issues or simply want to better manage your career, you are in the right place!

Career Consulting is one-on-one counseling and training that helps individuals to identify their own traits, interests, values ​​and abilities, enhance their competencies, integrate them strategically into the job market and, finally, manage their careers more effectively.

If you want to get a job within the IT industry or are already doing it, but want to change a job and pivot your career, we are here for you.

Contrary to popular belief, Career FFWD is intended not only for individuals who are experiencing some difficulties in their careers, but also for all of us who are aware of the constant need for agile adaptation and the continuous development of ourselves as individuals in a dynamic and changing job market, whether it is a student who has not identified interests for further career development or a manager who believes that he/she has raised the company to its feet and no longer sees room for his/her own contribution.

How will we join forces to work on your career? First of all, we will help you identify the career that suits you best, and then - through workouts and conversations - we will work together to become the best possible version of yourself in the job in the IT industry you want or already perform. Also, if you want to change a job, we will reveal to you all the tips & tricks for maximizing your own employment opportunity! ;)

Where to start? Let us know and book a time in the calendar to get to know each other. After that, you will get an individualized plan and learn how we can work together to succeed.

Fill out the form and book your consultation hour.