the only tool that predicts performance


Also known as a tool which measures “the bright side of personality”.
A seven scale inventory describes how people work and how they relate to others when they are at their best.
Frequently used tool for selection and development.


Also known as a tool which measures “the dark side of personality”.
A ten scale inventory predicts person´s counterproductive behaviors and behavioral changes in times of increased strain.
Frequently used tool for development and coaching.


A tool which describes your goals, values, drivers, and interests.
A ten scale inventory predicts a person´s job satisfaction and describes what motivates a person to succeed.
Frequently used tool for selection, defining cultural fit and measuring organizational culture.


Hogan Assessment is the world´s leading assessment tool for identifying and developing leaders. Based on decades of research, HOGAN gives insight into person´s business related functioning, as well as predicting performance in various positions. All HOGAN tools are available on-line. Both questionnaires and reports are available in more than 40 languages. Depending on the assessment needs, it is possible to choose between 40+ different reports and feedbacks on person´s results.
Not enough? Here are more facts:
  • -  Normed on more than 500,000 worldwide
  • -  Validated on more than 200 occupations
  • -  Based on Five-Factor Model
  • -  Instantaneous scoring report output
  • -  10- to 20-minute completion time of each questionnaire



*Talentarium is Assessments System Adria´s official reseller for Hogan tools.