Too little work and too many employees - one of the darkest scenarios for every company. What if there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even in such a situation?

For all the companies that are compelled to size down the number of its employees due to changed economic circumstances. Through outplacement program, companies that are confronted with a layoff decision assure the development of skills needed for finding appropriate business opportunity and continuation of career path for those employees. Using a tailor made approach for every participant of the program, outplacement consultants guide employees through the process of strengthening the individuals and preparing them for entering the labor market, assist in development of new skills and competencies required for nourishing their career. By providing the outplacement program to its employees, the company acts socially responsible and takes care of the well being of its most valuable resource.

In a mission to help your company and employees, there are several simple steps we take. First of them includes getting to know the number of employees that you wish to take care of in a best possible way:

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