Total Feedback

How do you know that you or each of your team members or employees are doing a good job?
Someone simply tells you? You see the measurable results?
What if you and each of your colleagues could get comprehensive feedback on your performance and competencies given by each of your superiors, peers, and subordinates?

It is important to know exactly where everyone stands in a company, how they are seen by others, and what you can do to advance the overall performance and harmonious working environment. Getting unambiguous and relevant feedback is a high goal for most employees and leaders alike, and it is especially so in a time of crisis such as we are facing right now. We offer the possibility to assess exactly how your entire team feels about each of its members, what roles they take up in the eyes of others, and what their strengths and opportunities for advancement are.

We do so by performing a 360-degree feedback assessment where we identify the most relevant behavioral KPIs for your needs and gather the assessments of each person through the eyes and experiences of each relevant person they are in contact with while performing their everyday tasks. We then analyze and combine this data in order to provide you with a comprehensive report and guidelines on how to advance the competencies of individuals and teams alike.

How to get feedback? The first step is to let us know your feedback about the number of people you want to involve in the Total Feedback solution.