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Start-up FFWD Pro
Tools included:
SEO tools + + +
Gateway + + +
Wiki/FAQ +
Developing suite +
Analytics/monitoring + +
from 350€ a month* from 900€ a month* from 1.700€ a month*
*prices are based on a 12 months contract


Package: "START-UP"

HR Server package intended for all IT companies facing first struggles with team expansion. Usually, it starts at the moment you have already employed all your friends & referral developers and, in order to survive on the market, you need to think in two directions:

  • How to attract new workers on the labor market outside you friends & colleagues zone (when you surely have a great idea, but can´t afford to pay your employees as great IT players can)
  • How to make your company (or idea) visible to your relevant community (maybe other developers, designers, IT consultants, or whatsoever)

That´s the moment when you turn on your HR Server Start-up package! Talentarium consultants will help you find your new teammates which both fit your formal criteria (e.g. know how to write a clean, SOLID & DRY code) and fit your company´s culture (e.g. hate formal team buildings as much as you do and define themselves as passionate World of Warcraft players). Consultants will also help you look as “a place where I want to work” to other developers on the labor market.

Talentarium start-up package activities include:


Package: "FFWD"

HR Server package intended for small to medium companies which are thinking of organizing teams more efficiently. Ok, at this moment you usually have established business, but the company faces a fast-forward growth. You can't have hands on every process within your company and you need to think in the following directions:

  • How to start working as a compact team (without so much work overload and potential burnout, work overlap, team conflicts, etc.)
  • How to predict performance of your key people and still attract greatest potentials on the labor market

That's the moment when you upgrade your HR Server to FFWD package! Your dedicated team of Talentarium consultants will work with you on establishing your very first HR (yes, human resources) practices and processes, keeping the standards on a high level. They are involved in working with your key employees in developing their skills and turning them into reliable team members.

Talentarium FFWD package activities include:


Package: "PRO"

HR Server package intended for your well-established IT business. However, to stay competitive in a fast-paced industry, you need to invest in your most valuable resources - people. Whether you want to upgrade Human Resources practices or you want to re-evaluate their effectiveness, you need to consider the following:

  • How to ensure competitive advantage on IT market in the future
  • How to calculate ROI on your HR investments

That’s the moment when you use the full potential of your HR Server 2017 edition by implementing the Pro package. Your fully dedicated Talentarium team will measure the effectiveness of your HR activities and propose the model for HR optimization. It enables you to oversee your company - by preparing your human resources towards new technology challenges.

Talentarium Pro package activities include:

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