Talentarium HR Server 2017


SEO tools

Setting up the Employer´s Outlook on the labor market. This tool helps you attract candidates to your company.

Still struggling whether to organize a meet-up or publish an article about your company? Our answer is: maybe none, maybe both – depends on what you want to achieve! SEO tools are unique steps in defining and shaping your employer brand. After implementing the employer branding strategy, we guarantee more people will want to work for you. Sounds promising?

Tailor-made headhunting services with deep understanding in IT industry. We use specific headhunting methods to approach not only top-level candidates but all other interesting candidates on the market. Our standard selection process includes in-depth psychological evaluation, specific technical skills and knowledge testing, motivational testing and competency-based evaluation. So it is not surprising that we can guarantee for years for all the candidates we recommend you. Don´t believe us? Ask some of your partners.


your DNS to passive job-seekers. This tool will fill vacancies you (and job-seeker portals) can´t.


a plug-in for upgrading your employees’ skills & competencies. This tool has the answers for all people-related issues.

A Developer is a detail-oriented person, whereas a Designer lacks analytical approach. They seem to be incompatible for working together. Sounds familiar? With a right set-up of Wiki/FAQ plug-in, Talentarium consultants will fine tune the communication level within your team and coach your key employees individually. Result: productivity increase and less “I told you so!” situations.

Just realized that HR is not the same thing as Payroll or Office Administration? Welcome to your very first IDE for creating HR processes. “Hello World” in HR world is establishing the employee onboarding process, mentoring system, performance management system, as well as compensation & benefits system. When you have them implemented within your company – you have mastered the level1 in managing your human resources.

Developing suite

your personalized IDE for HR processes. This tool guides you throughout the development of HR function within your company.


no, it´s not Big Data, it´s about monitoring your (pick-a-number) employees. This tool gives you control over employees´ productivity.

It´s all about metrics, even when it comes to people. Monitoring tool can tell you how satisfied your employees are, what motivates them and who will leave your company first. Besides the individual layer, the team layer gives insight into the organizational culture, organizational climate and employee engagement level. Would you calculate that or leave it to chance?

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