Team made of both IT and HR professionals

Agency fully dedicated to the IT industry and a first headhunting agency specialized in IT industry in SEE region.
Based in Zagreb, Vienna and Berlin, we cover sourcing activities within the SEE region and cooperate with employers around the globe.

Familiar with IT technologies and trends, both Microsoft and opensource.
And Apple, too. Embedded? No problem, we know it.

With widespread networking in IT business, living it 24/7

Hello World on Commodore 64

Since  Basic  on C64 and  Hello world!  on VT100 terminals
we are witnessing technologies and hiring changes.

One may think that Talentarium is just another typical, already seen recruitment agency. Well, surprisingly, it's not! But what makes us different? The fact that we are the first headhunting agency specialized in IT sector not only in Croatia, but in whole SEE region. First ever, specialized in IT, SEE region. Not enough? Well, even though we are based in Zagreb, Vienna and Berlin, we do cooperate with employers all around the globe. Sounds promising! For candidates – we have amazing opportunities, and for employers – we truly believe that we have the best candidates, that's why we guarantee for them! And, who are 'we' in this story?

As we are passionate about IT, and about HR, our team is made of both IT and HR specialists. Our recruitment consultants work only in IT sector, and because of our specialization, we guarantee that we can find the right person for the right job. Our team is made of ambitious, driven and passionate experts who all share the same goal: to make both our clients and candidates fulfilled and satisfied! As recruitment is a people business, we really do care about our clients, and our candidates. Creating lasting relationships is the most important for us, and that's why we are very proud of all designers, developers, engineers, project managers, architects, interns, CEOs, COOs, CTOs (and all of C++ vacancies ;)) for whom we found a great positions in IT sector. And we still manage to say Happy birthday to them every year!

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