Whether you C#
you wear Coke bottle eyeglasses

we can help you find a brighter career direction.

We are not here to hunt you, that’s what everybody else does. Our role is to get to know your plans and aspirations, wishes and dreams (regarding your future career path, of course) and keep you informed about interesting market opportunities - both locally and regionally (ok, and globally).

Our contacts say it’s cool they can talk to us in person, not only on Skype. We like it, too (especially because we have great coffee in our offices!).

We are a team of psychologists and IT professionals who are deeply involved in IT market and able to find (or sometimes even create) positions for which no one even knows they exist.

So, send us your contacts and tell us what you want… and watch it become reality! :)

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Or... if you want to get involved in a career consulting program and gather skills needed to find a brighter career path, check out our Career FFWD page!