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Unique IT headhunting experience in the region

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Give us a ping and in return, you will get:
  • Consultants fully dedicated to your needs
  • People who speak the same language like you (both geographically and in IT terms)
  • Tailor-made headhunting process
  • Deep reach in IT sector (I guess you saw us on your latest conference or Meet-up?)
  • Free of charge consultancy (yeah, we probably faced most of the challenges you are currently facing with other IT companies similar to you. If they survived, so will you – but let’s make it easier)
  • Time saving (we know you all faced selection processes so many times and we know you don’t adore those moments because they distract you from doing your core business.
    Luckily, recruiting and selection is our core business and we do it 24/7. Imagine how many people we can find while you finish just one of your projects)
Just like the entire IT industry, Talentarium services are modular and easy adaptable, according to your needs.

Talentarium Enterprise solutions

Almost like Java EE, but with no tech skills required

In order to create a great enterprise solution, you need to have a great and detailed plan. That’s how we start each process.

Talentarium provides tailor-made headhunting services with deep understanding in IT industry. We use specific headhunting methods to approach not only to top level candidates, but to all other interesting candidates on the market. Our standard selection process includes in-depth psychological evaluation, specific technical skills and knowledge testing, motivational testing and competency- based evaluation. So it is not surprising that we can guarantee for years for all the candidates we recommend you. You don’t believe it? Ask some of your partners.

We believe that it is possible to be relevant if you know what you're doing - and that is why Talentarium is focused only on the IT market. Creating lasting relationships is the most important for us, and that's why we are very proud of all designers, developers, engineers, project managers, architects, interns, CEOs, COOs, CTOs (and all of C++ vacancies ;)) for whom we found great positions in the IT sector.

Oracle headquarters Redwood Shores, California

Try our light & fast services

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We know that there are occasions when our clients don’t have enough time for all the steps needed for a quality search and selection process – that´s why we decided to provide a fast and reliable, but still quality services which can help you do your business calmly.

Within only one meeting (ok, maybe one longer meeting), we can find most suitable business model for you according to your budget – whether you need fast candidates´ sourcing on the market, initial psychological evaluation, technical screening or competency based filtering.

Quality sourcing and selection services are now affordable to anyone!

Little customization never hurt anyone!

New feature, new branch, new day, new release

We can provide services customized according to your needs. In case you need only a customized part of our services, we can find something for you!

Our clients usually ask for some of these:


Can´t find an IT professional suitable for your company? We understand how it feels… we face that problem every day. Let us help you reach the population you want.


You hire people, you work with people, you make results with people… no matter what you do – you need people. And people you need should come along together. We can help you make a highly functional team – because we did it so many times before. The reason why it is so precise and reliable is because we talk to the candidates from this industry every day and we try hard to understand their real strenghts and slight but important differences from other candidates in the industry, so that we can make the best possible fit with the needs of the specific employer.


Part of our team are IT professionals who are eager to write a tailor-made technical test for your vacancy, so that you can be sure that you won't have to spend next three months teaching your employee to write code! ;-)


If you have a candidate with a potential, but no practical experience, you may have a problem giving him a responsibility on a project. If you have a vice versa candidate, you may also have a problem counting on him to take over a higher level of responsibility. In order to balance that, rely on competency based evaluation.

Other Human Resources help, please!

[root@talentarium ~]# man human_resources

You are a cool company but no one outside knows that?
Yeah, we faced that story so many times and managed to find so many different corporate branding strategies for each of our clients’ needs. Besides that, we can help you with other things within your company such as developing Human Resources strategies, building a team spirit, getting employees more engaged, setting-up a compensation and benefits programs, identifying a talent management system, investigating salary levels on the market and many more. Unfortunately, only in the IT sector. Why? Because we know how specific it is and how everything functions differently in IT in comparison to all other industries.

Shortly – we know you are specific. So are we. Let’s do some great things together!

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