Thinking about establishing a team in Croatia?
We are a one-stop-shop for companies who wish to establish tech/digital/R&D/engineering teams in Croatia.

Our Site development strategy service is aimed at foreign companies who are thinking about establishing an R&D team or starting a tech business in the Croatian market but are afraid of all the impediments that might come. Our clients decide to offshore to Croatia because of cost-cutting, and meeting their demands for growth, but with maintaining high-quality and European work standards.


If you are interested to have a partner in Croatia who could help you accelerate your hiring and initial company setup by leveraging a "try and buy" option, this is a Model that suits your needs.This Model involves your partner in Croatia to hire a dedicated development team on their behalf, for which you would have full control for an initial period of time. If this process and overall relationship is then deemed successful, you have the option to acquire all of the employees that were hired during that period in order to convert them into full-time employees, or acquire the entire company.


If you are not interested in customizing a team to your needs but would rather explore already established teams and companies you can acquire, this is a Model that suits your needs. Merge & Acquisition Model implies sourcing teams and companies that suit your needs best, and conducting company valuation. After the successful company acquisition, we´re supporting you in the process of merging or acquiring a newly bought company to your existing business(es).


If you want to have full control over every activity in a new market and start building your local presence from your first visits to Croatia, this is a Model that suits your needs. All activities are undertaken on your behalf and we´re supporting you in the process of establishing your legal entity, brand recognition, hiring core functions, and helping you create solid foundations for your future business activities in Croatia.

Don't compromise your growth on quality - hire high-quality engineers in Croatia!

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